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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  March 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> also part of the bill, your children can stay on your insurance until they're 26 years old, and seniors will be eligible for rebates. most of the changes will be implemented in 2014. in six months, no insurance company will be able to drop you if you get sick, big changes, but ones that will never set well with some. >> thanks, cheryl, and, of course, we want your two cents on the health care bill as well. many of you have been posting comments on our website and facebook page. here's one comment. we need health care reform and tort reform. this bill is not it. the taxes contained in the bill will be another measure to split this country. if you want to share your two cents, all you have to do is log onto our website. you can leave a comment under the story or under our fan page
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on facebook. since you're lining up to sue the government over the constitutionality of the health care overhaul, some have filed a lawsuit challenging the legislation. several portions of arkansas, of all places, the same weather system also brought snow to dallas, texas. >> for the most part, things have quieted down out there tonight. let's take a look at maryland. a tremendous amount of precipitation just off shore. in fact, we continue to see really just a lot of cold weather again across maryland and back down across areas just to our north and east up towards philly. that's where most of the rain is tonight. forecast most of the evening down to about 45, spotty with a few hours and patchy fog.
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we'll have more coming up in a couple minutes. n45, spotty with a few hours and patchy fog. we'll have more coming up in a couple minutes. a 4-year-old boy is dead tonight, and there's new questions about how he was able too ride an all-terrain vehicle all by himself. it turned over and the boy died after being submerged in a stream. abc's christian joins us with that story tonight. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission studied atvs. during that time, until 7200 died in the us. there are several movements to try to get tougher with atv regulations but it's not clear whether any of that would have saved the boy. on monday, all terrain vehicles were still parked where the boy lived. the frederick county sheriff's office says the boy was playing with family members at his home on saturday evening and he
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wandered off without the family knowing. many people didn't know he had gotten on the atv which overturned in a stream and he drowned. >> you can just picture the child on the thing with it on top of him. >> he's too young to be on the a atv. he's four years old. >> reporter: but there's no law in maryland that restricts any child from riding an atv on private land. state laws restrict under 12 but it doesn't apply at home. kids in the area often use four wheelers. kathy cline's grand daughter has her own atv. >> one minute they're there, the next, the kids are off doing their own thing so we make sure it's locked up. >> reporter: use of an atv should be prohibited for anyone under the age of six years even as an operator or as a passenger.
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that has not become law or by anyone under the task force. the atv requirements should be applicable to atvs throughout the state, not only on dnr land but on privately owned property as well. the medical examiner has ruled that boy's death an accident but investigators in frederick county are still looking into how that 4-year-old was able to ride alone on an atv without anyone noticing. christian schaffer, abc 2 news. police are looking for suspects in the shooting death of a comcast worker. carlos williams was in his company van around 6:00 yesterday morning when three people approached. he was shot several times and police believe the shooting began as an attempted robbery. >> tonight, the dra mastic 911 call after the woman reports a
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murders suicide inside her home. haily swift survived a double shooting which left her fiancee and husband dead. jeff has exclusive details. >> reporter: the quiet of this tranquil hamstead suburbshattered like the back sliding glass of this home as michael swift the third broke in and gunned down his ex- wife's fiancee before turning the 12 gauge shot gun on himself. >> 911 fire. >> my husband just got here. >> okay. >> and he shot my fiancee. >> an exmarine, swift had run adrift of the law when police discovered more than 20 weapons in his home, including three machine guns and bomb making materials on his kitchen table. according to transcripts, assistant attorney christian bloomer argued for bail for him in january after the state highway administration claimed he had made a threat if he
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couldn't reconcile with his girlfriend. >> he would go out with a bang and indicated he would start at his place of employment 72 after swift's attorney argument he had no prior record and they dismissed him without further psychiatric evaluation, susan sauder was left to decide his immediate fate. >> they had good reason to be concerned, but i will set an amount, however, of $250,000. >> less than three months later, he cut off his ankle bracelet, left his parent's home, left his car running and entered the home and opened fire. >> he shot my son. >> who else might be son. >> i don't know. >> in fact, his ex-wife didn't even know if he was acting alone. she told the 911 operator she still feared for her safety.
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>>. >> reporter: jeff hager abc 2 news. >> during swift's bail review hearing, no one told the judge of the bomb making materials, including duct tape, propane tape and a timing device police discovered on his kitchen table. another shocking crime in baltimore, perhaps symbolizing a bigger problem. an accused murderer was 14 years old. he was accused in the murder of n14 years old. he was accused in the murder of a 29-year-old man on the way to work. the teen has a record and decided to take a life for just $7 and a cell phone. tonight, we can only wonder if a case like that one may have been helped by early intervention. today, the city of baltimore received a $1 million grant to help at risk youth. the office of crime control and prevention was awarded money as a kick off to the youth crime
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prevention week. believing that safe streets depend on community involvement. >> particularly targets young people who are at risk of carry carrying guns, at risk of being a victim of gun violence and change their decision make. . >> the intervention program will have a campaign focusing on at risk youth focusing on young peej ages 14 to 25. it was a once mighty community activist group, but a corn is disbanding. scandal swept over the organization six months ago when video emerged showing acorn work workers giving tax tips to work workers posing as a pimp and prostitute. state affiliates and field offices were closed by april 1 because of falling revenues. new revelations tonight
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about the king of pop's final moments. the doctor facing charges in jackson's death stopped cpr and delayed calling 911. prosecutors are moving forward against dr. conrad murray. coming up, a special boot camp for us ladies. the ideas to help you get a grip of what's under the hood. homicide to hotel. we'll have the latest in a baltimore land mark. i'm meteorologist, up to 63 today despite the clouds and the rain. we got more than half an inch of rain and there's more out to our west. we'll talk about what that means for your tuesday. we'll talk about this. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful.
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>> these dace, dace, there are all sorts of boot camps. now, there's a new type of car class especially for women to help gals get a grip for what's under the hood. >> reporter: driving a car is one thing. understanding what it takes to make it run is an entirely different matter. >> people laugh if you don't know. >> reporter: gail dun believes it's time for women to know simple basics so they don't get taken vvrj. n advantage. the boot camps are geared toward women. >> they're teaching you what the lights mean whshgs to change the the, what to do under the hood.
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tires and brakes. it doesn't matter how well your car runs, if it doesn't stop, your problems are even bigger. >> reporter: that includes checking your own tire pretty much and checking for oil and power steering fluid. most car manuals will show you how. one of gail dun's favorite tips, ask for old parts back if they're being replaced. >> they're asking for old parts, one thing you're doing in that regard is you're ensuring they're replacing the part. because i've had clients who had thermostats, for example, supposedly replaced and 100,000 miles down the road the car overheats because they didn't replace it. >> reporter: what about those lights on your dash. >> if the lights come on, the check engine light, it's not a panic light. >> reporter: it's an indicator something is on and needs to be checked.
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same thing with oil or battery life. could be a simple thing or a sign of a bigger thing that needs re to be repaired. folks in the group feel they leave educated and empowered. >> here's chipanother tip, cleaning your car before you go to the mechanic. before the wire, another hit police show features baltimore, and now a part of the show "homicide" will be turned into a tour attraction. city officials announced they sold the famous building to a developer who's expectd to turn it into a hotel before being use used as a city police station in the show, the building was a gathering place for the community. >> my mom told me when she was growing up, it was a rec center for kids and there was a pool on top. and now they have movie theaters for the kids to do
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stuff at night. >> the property sold for $2 million. the forecast mostac crate accurate and maryland's most popular radar. >> today was a gloomy day. >> nice weekend though. >> on the heels of a beautiful weekend, and i think we're going to have some beautiful weather at the end of the week. wednesday and thursday and even next weekend will be be . >> let's take a look. 55 degrees right now, light southeast wind, 6 miles per hour, barometer 29 minute 60 and holding steady. all five sweeps working for you, and you can see not much in the immediate baltimore area. in fact, the bulk of this is toward philadelphia already. southern new jersey and northern delaware and a little
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bit of precipitation towards chesapeake. some of this is light rain, probably a mist fromble air back southward to the eastern shore to kent county. looking north and east ward, that's where the heavy rain is, the kind of rain we had to deal with earlier today. pretty quiet at the moment. here's some of the rain fall totals from today. anywhere from just under half an inch from stevenson. quarter of an inch and north intoble air, up to 2/3 of an inch of lane. rain. a good soaking. rain, cool air, breezing too at times and temperatures above average. average temperature would be at mid-50s. 55, still at bwi, 54 at easton, haggers town 60, and across the
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beach 50 degrees there as well. the shower storm activity into new jersey, back into new york city and light rain across eastern pa. in maryland, we cleared out, almost in a dry spot right now, still under a cloudy simon y sky and out further to the west, you can see wrap around precipitation into the middle of the storm and light snow in the high elevations of west virginia. we're not going to get that but it will be cooler tomorrow as cooler air continues to wrap around the storm and we catch rain on the back edge of this thing. overnight, tomorrow morning, relatively dry commute. in the afternoon, we could be slick as we get the evening rush hour going. rain as the back edge of the storm comes through around 5, 6:00. that will be will be the peak instability. beautiful shanahan wednesday and thursday.
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45, shanahan tomorrow, 57. and moreseasonal for what is late march. that's actually pretty normal and tomorrow night 40, showers come to the end setting the stage for fantastic end of the week. thursday, mid-60 and is as we go to friday, another chance for showers, looking like that'll clear out for the start of the weekend. kelly. >> thanks, scott . . "dancing with the stars" kicked off tonight. a star-studded crew including pamela anderson, chad ocho sync synco, buzz aldrin, and the win winner will take home the coveted ball trophy. celebrity of our own, baltimore baking legend is celebrating 60 years of serving the community.
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catherine has been working at mid state federal savings bank since 1950 and today friends and coworkers threw a party for ms. kitty. friends can't imagine working without miss kitty and she feels the same way. >> i had to come to work and fortunately i was able to land here and started out as a tell er and worked my way up and feel like i own the place. this is the oldest operate ing bank in immediated for more than 125 years. the press box sports report is just ahead, including two members of the royal hall of fame. [ male announcer ] how do the editors of consumers digest
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in short, they do what you do to test its quality. the consumers digest best buys from chevy. put them to your own test. and may the best car win. >> press box sports report. >> this is kevin heights with the press box sports report.
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fans are still trying to come to grips with maryland's heartbreaking loss to michigan state sunday. hitting a floater with 6.6 seconds left. the turps were handed an 85-83 loss. the orrials had the day off today. roberts, who felt no pain in his back when he faced live pitching yesterday will not travel with the team tuesday or wednesday but is expected to play sometime in the next week. ray miller has been elected to the oreoles' hall of fame. in golf news, jim furric won a golf tournament but few took notice. as he reached the 18th green, networks were broadcasting the tiger woods' interview. it's defa growing familye having
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cloudy day kind of righty. the cool front friday will drop us back down so enjoy the sun shine. >> that's average for late march though. >> we need like 30 dace of the s days of the sun shine. >> it'll come. >> we got a preview of it last weekend. >> thanks for joining us. remember, you can follow all the stories with us tonight on twit twitter or abc news. have a good night.
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